Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Now that we all know that it is a g-i-r-l… the next question is… "do you have any names?"

It absolutely drives me crazy when someone has picked out the name but, “won’t tell anyone.” What is the point of that? There is no good reason to say, “I have a name, but I’m NOT telling you.” It’s preposterous (in my mind).

In truth, we didn’t have a name for Bro until the very last minute. We couldn’t agree on a name and so we kept a running list of favorites names that we could both agree on, on the refrigerator. I was scheduled to be induced at 3:00 a.m (I know, I know… something about spacing out the hospital staff workload). As we waited to go to the hospital, we searched the internet for baby names and found “Brody” and added it to the list.

We joked about the baby name while we were in the hospital. The joke was, “After seeing Napmom work so hard to deliver Bro (oxygen and vacuum extraction) Napmom could have named him Gertrude if she wanted to.”

After delivery, he was known as “baby {insert last name}” until we both hinted that we liked the name Brody. Dear Husband was at the house overseeing the carpet that was being installed in Bro’s room while I was being discharged. On my discharge papers I listed him as “Brody” and we left with a baby with a name.

We have only had a few days to think of girl names, but things are not going well. Dear Husband has his favorites (yuck) and I have mine (fabulous). Thus, I have decided that I am going to drop the name issue for now. I’ll bring it up again… oh… about 30 minutes AFTER I deliver his little bundle-o-joy. mkay??

How did you get your name?


Michele Horne said...

With baby#1, we each picked fave names out of baby name book- thankfully 'Ariana' was on both lists- so that was an easy choice. Baby#2- wayyy worse. We fought for 7 months (plus we now had a 5 year old with her opinion as well) I hated his names, he didn't like mine. He and Ariana saw the name 'Annika' in a Barbie movie and liked it. I was exhausted and said, 'Fine, whatever.' Baby #3- we are hikers and I am from Maine, so we stumbled across 'Acadia' (the National Park) and we both found it to be perfect!

SusieQ said...

We won't go into my name.. that's a story..

You were almost named April Dawn.. yuk! So we took a book of baby names to your mother and perused the book until your first name showed up.. Everyone liked it.. Your second name is the same as your mom's.. love that name!

Just don't name the kid Pandora.. That's what your aunt's father wanted to name her and we would always have blamed everything on the name.. know the story of "Pandora's box", when she opened it and let all the bad things into the world??

How about Sherrie.. that'a beautiful name...