Tuesday, December 15, 2009

College? out of the mouth of babes...

Taking the safety class at the local community college prompted lots of college-related questions from Lulu.

Our habit, for the 5 classes, was to grab a to-go dinner and eat in one of the buildings and then walk around campus and get a feel for the college scene (albeit a community college scene).

Lulu loved being on a real college campus.  She was full of questions.

Topics of discussion included:

studying, tests, quizzes, class attendance, life in college...  you don't go to class ALL day, you can schedule your classes, generally NO class on weekends... and so on.

She asked why there were "old" people at this college (and then pointed to someone YOUNGER than me)... which was great because it gave me a chance to reiterate what a privilege it is to be able to go to college, the cost of college, the value of good grades and scholarships, how hard some people work to send themselves through college (not everyone has a parent who can afford it), and so on.

We had so much to talk about during those dinners.  I was truly elated to have such great discussions with her... while holding back the tears thinking that someday she is actually going to go to college.  For real... thinking about Lulu at college... makes me lose my breath.

I think that she might follow in her mother's footsteps though... and this is NOT a good thing. 

You see, my college days included what I considered to be the right mix of the maximum amount of fun and the minimum amount of work.... which is the WRONG philosophy to have, I know, I know.  My friends used to say... "Napmom is here to get a degree NOT an education."  I got pregnant with Lulu towards the end of my college career.  Then, my goals changed... quickly.  My final semester, I was a single parent, working a full-time job, taking a full college class load... and getting straight "A"s.  It was THEN that I was motivated to get the education... not just the degree.

I saw Lulu dancing to some hip-hop songs recently and, remembering life out dancing with the girls when I was in college, I commented, "Lulu, you are going to love going out and dancing in college."  To which she replied, "Oh... mom... when I get to college... I'M GONNA BE THE FUN MAKER!"

Let me repeat that for you, in case you missed it... "I'M GONNA BE THE FUN MAKER."  Exactly what does a FUN MAKER do?  Can you put that on a resume?  She's not only going to have fun... she is going to make the fun.  {{chin on floor}} 

Ugh... uh... obviously... I have more work to do.

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SusieQ said...

Oh, you have a LOT more talking to do and you better do it at every opportunity!!