Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Home Tour

In the blog world, this time of year, many bloggers give picture tours of their festive homes.  This year, because of my particular home drama, this tradition cracks me up... I found a few "before" pics of our new-to-us house.  And, now that our basement has been ripped up... I have some "after" pictures too.  I'll get proper pics of the bedrooms... but you'll get the general idea.

Welcome to my humble abode.

We live in a cozy split-foyer home.  Here is Lulu placing the "It's a Girl" stickers on the front window.

We'll go down to the basement first... so that we can end the tour on a good note.  :-)

This is the basement before we moved in... the basement that I fell in love with when I exclaimed in glee, "Honey, it's perfect!"  Yep, those words actually came out of my mouth.

The owners left that nice beige rug, but it was ruined in the first flooding. 

Here is a view of the fireplace heating bill reducer.

This is the basement with our stuff in it... purposely not organized... as we were preparing to rip up the floor to waterproof the basement because it flooded (little fact that the seller forgot to mention to us)... and on THIS particular day... we got the pictures to prove it.

See?  Look closely!  Water on the floor.  Dearest Husband sucked 12 shop vacuums of water off of the floor this day.

And... water in front of the fireplace.

Below is the perimeter of the basement as it is being waterproofed.  This is before they put down the concrete.  Eventually we will carpet the main part of the basement and tile in front of the fireplace.  I told Lulu that she can have a slumber party... after we get the carpet in.  Note: she came home with a list of 21 friends to invite.  Um... I told her that she needs to whittle down that list a bit.

The laundry room... during the waterproofing phase.

This is the dryer's home... which is now wet concrete... which Luvs2Boat let Lulu carve her name in.  BUSTED!

Moving upstairs... this is the main living room... and home of the Christmas tree.  This window also overlooks the home of my fabulous new neighbors the aforementioned barking dog.  {{Dear neighbors... when we become friends... and you discover my blog... just know... that I really do love you... and Rover!}} 

If you turn your back to the window, you will see the BEFORE picture of the kitchen (and deck).  Dear Husband ripped down the kitchen wall paper and painted the wall beige.  The red curtains have been replaced with brown curtains and there is now a microwave over that stove.

Down the hall are 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.  Yep, one bathroom on the main level.  NO master bath.  ;-)  I don't have pics of the kids' rooms... but here is a priceless pic of Bro getting caught with his sister's cell phone... when he KNOWS that he isn't supposed to be in her room.

You know the drill... when the toddler is silent.. he is getting into trouble.

Here is the back deck...

... and the view of the back of our house. 

I hope you enjoyed the {{ahem}} tour.  Happy holidays!


Jen said...

The house is very nice and has the cozy feel to it. The backyard is wonderful, lots of play room. Can't wait to see all the "After" pictures.

SusieQ said...

I know that has to be heartbreaking when the rain joins you inside the house, but at least it is fixed now.. Did you get pics of the jackhammers in the basement? That's one more people don't have!

What "fires" the fireplace? Is it gas, real logs or what? Just curious.. We did the carrying wood in and carrying ashes out.. cleaning the chimney.. wasn't fun! But then that is "man's work".. Hahaha!!!

Love the tour.. thanks!! I know you are enjoying the cut down in the stairs.. Running up and down stairs all day is not fun.. but that's what kids are for!!

Nap Mom said...

Jen - yes, it definitely has a "cozy" feel to it. We are ALL very excited about the room to run and play in the backyard.

SusieQ - It is a wood stove. Dear Husband's dad actually NEVER turned on the heat in their house... he used a wood stove. Thus, Dear Husband is VERY used to bringing in the wood for the fireplace and all of the other bummer jobs that go along with the care of a wood stove. Funny that you should mention that the wood stove would be "man's" work because he tried to show me how to fire it up and I told him, "Nope. Keeping the fire going is a man's job." He just laughed.

SusieQ said...

Way to go.. train them right from the beginning and when they are old they won't depart from it.. sort of biblical!!!

Don't want to mention names.. but your girl scout leader had a wood stove for the only heat in the house..