Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday 13 -- Holiday Edition

Whoa – the holiday season is upon us and while it is my most favorite time of year… it is very hectic.

I am a list maker.

In honor of the Thursday 13 list group, here is a list of what I hope to accomplish… this weekend soon.

1. Purchase Kahlua Keurig coffe for Dear Husband for Christmas. He’ll be so surprised. (Thanks MPC!)

2. Stop by Barnes and Noble to get the Star Wars Lego book that I put on hold for my nephew.

3. Get a birthday gift for the party that Lulu is going to this Saturday… and, most importantly, don’t forget to take her to the party (like I did the last time).

4. Go to see Planet 51 with the kids… Bro’s first time to go see a movie!

5. We are having visitors come over mid-day on Saturday. It is actually very important that I write this down because I could possibly forget… although I am still likely to be home since this is Bro’s naptime.

6. Buy 3 more red bows… we thought the one bow was gonna be for the mailbox… but I have other plans.

7. Purchase holiday books for the kids… remember the tradition???  Here is a list (and reviews) of 20 of the Best Kids Christmas Books by the Children's Book Review blog. 

8. Write holiday cards… not likely to get done this weekend.

9. Coerce Dear Husband into getting the Christmas tree and decorations from the old house so that we can set it up this weekend. THIS MUST happen this weekend!

10. Purchase gift for mom and dad… I know where it is but I have to go get it before they are all sold out.

11. Lulu’s school pictures came in the mail and I need to give a set to her dad.

12. My coworkers need holiday gifts. I was gonna get them these homemade peanut butter spreads that I heard about on the Food Network show Unwrapped… but then each container of spread is roughly… drum roll here… 8 tablespoons of spread.  Here is the link to the Seasonal Cinnamon Peanut Spread.  Yes, I am sure that it is very delicious and well worth the one-year wait to taste it, but I just cannot give 8 tablespoons of peanut butter to each coworker as a Christmas gift… no matter how delicious it is.  "Merry Christmas!  Here's enough peanut butter to make ONE sandwich."

13. Finish the book that I am reading, The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. It is, perhaps, the best book that I have read in 5 years. I am thoroughly enjoying every-single-word of this book. I don’t want it to end.

Speaking of peanut butter... what is the most random gift you have ever received???

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CountryDew said...

Great list, but sounds very busy! I am curious about your plans for the bow...

i beati said...

fun list sandy

Alice Audrey said...

What a festive to-do list. Just don't over do it.