Monday, December 14, 2009

I am "no baking" my way through the holidays

I am sure that I have mentioned that we do not have a working oven right now.  For example, it took me an HOUR to cook crescent rolls, which were supposed to cook in 11 minutes.  Dear Husband said that he tested the oven temp at 400 degrees and it registered at 200 degrees.  Ugh!

We are waiting on the home warranty company to either fix or replace the oven.  No, I'm not going to go out and buy a replacement if I can help it... I am that thrifty stubborn.

Thus, I am joyously no baking my way though the holiday.

We started with the snowman cookies.  Remember?

I am making these no bake Scotcheroos for the cookie swap.  I explained my situation to the hostess and asked for her mercy ('cause I'm not actually baking the cookies)... her reply was awesome!!!!!  And so, I will be attending my first ever cookie swap on Friday!!!!

I am making the snowman cookies as well as oreo dream truffles for Lulu's scout "Winter Wonderland" party.  Yep - I volunteered to make the cookies... knowing that I don't have an oven.  Crazy Stubborn!

And, I am making faux thin mints out of mint chocolate and ritz crackers.  I first saw this recipe on the Martha Stewart show... and Martha said that these cookies are oh-so-delicious.  So, I'm going to make them... for... well... because I can.  You will see lots of versions of this on the web now.  The web versions ask you to melt the chocolate and add some mint flavoring (yawn)... DO NOT DO THIS.  Instead, go to the cake decorating section of your craft store and buy the mint flavored melting wafers instead of making your own concoction.  I could not find the mint melting wafers in the craft store so I bought Andes Candies instead.  

No worries... this actually makes me happy... I'm no baking... well, that is, my kitchen is full of fun cookies and bars... and that totally makes me happy!

Home update:  In case you are keeping track, the microwave did not make it up the other night.  It turns out that the cabinet above it was hanging on by a thread... and had somewhat been nailed together to keep it together, but now it's just splitting apart.

The basement waterproofers came today to rip up the entire perimeter ofour basement to water proof it.  What?  I didn't tell you that the basement floods when it rains.  Oh, I must have missed that little detail.  ;-)  OK, well it doesn't exactly "flood" but the water is fairly deep.  I have video... and pics.  I'll share, I promise! 

Have you ever had to survive the holiday without an oven?


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SusieQ said...

Yes, we had a holiday without an oven, but I have 2 ovens.. So when it was time to put dinner on the table and the turkey wasn't near done yet, we switched to the bottom oven and we ate four hours later! I was way more upset than anyone else...