Friday, December 4, 2009

It's a Girl

Let's face it -- it is very obvious that there is a significant age difference between Lulu and Bro.  I had Lulu when I was young and unwed (although her dad is fabulous and we are all... one big happy family now).  A few years into my marriage, we made a decision that we were not going to have children... and then we found out that we were pregnant with Bro.  Once I got used to the idea that I was actually pregnant (to say the least), I knew that I was very excited to have a baby brother for Bro someday.  I knew that Lulu would sprout her wings and leave my nest... and I would be home... happy as a lark... with my boys... we would play outside, play with swords, get dirty (and NOT care), go camping, and more.... me and my boys... Bro would get the same-sex sibling friend that Lulu never had.  Perfect!

Then, today we had our comprehensive sonogram gender determination ultrasound... and the tech said... "Here we are looking between the baby's legs and there are three white lines here... which means that it is a girl." 

OMG - tears of dread started streaming down my face.  This is NOT what I had planned.  For the next 15 minutes, as the tech measured the baby's head and thigh and arms and we listened to the heart beat... I was sobbing... I mean really sobbing... {{couldn't even look at Dear Husband}}... then there were some little jokes between us about the differences between boys and girls and so on... ha ha ha... soooo funny {{loads of sarcasm here}}... the tech reminded Dear Husband that he created this drama... that it is the man's sperm that determines the baby's gender...and that he's REALLY gonna have to think of some way to make this up to me... I told him that I knew what he could do... breastfeeding.... ha ha ha ha ha ha {{awwww - come on -  THAT really IS funny}}... and we left... and I wondered how I was going to get my act together before I had to go to work... and I even contemplated calling in sick.

How very pathetic of me.

A few weeks ago, I had picked out this really cute picture to include on my facebook page when I made the "it's a boy" announcement.  See?


Admit it... girls are high maintenance... washing hair... combing hair... fixing hair... special occasion dresses... and shoes... and tights (ugh, the tights)... and matching ribbons... "mom I'm HOT"... "mom, I'm COLD"... "can you tie my shoe?"... "there's dirt in my shoe"... and on and on and on...

Once, when Em was about 3, I think, she was sitting at the table as I brought over her lunch and she said to me, verbatim, "Thank you kind servant."  {{and she didn't even crack a smile -- she was serious}}


The glimmer of an end to my pathetic pity party came when I remembered... that we just recently moved... and I went through a childhood of dresses from Lulu's closet... and saved most all of them... I couldn't bring myself to give them away... those memories... those precious memories... the dresses... I saved them...

... and I have Sarah (bitty baby) and all of her beloved acccessories... those precious memories... and a lifetimes supply of dress-up... and a fabulous doll house that Santa brought to Lulu one year... the memories... oh the memories... and I have saved my favorites of Lulu's sweaters... could NEVER part with them... and I think that I have it in me to go to the American Girl Place just one more time (too bad I wasn't a blogger then because that was a fabulous Girls Trip - just fabulous)... will she dance and sing like her sister... life with a girl is very different... and very wonderful... so... I am excited now...

and... by the way...

It's a Girl! 


Fairy Grandmother said...

Oh how exciting...sugar and spice and everything nice...Girls Rock!!!

Mrs. Bird said...

Congrats on another girl! I know you were hoping I'd say that :)

I actually wanted Brooklyn to be a boy, for all the other afore mentioned reasons. I knew she was a girl, but I truly wanted a boy. At least with our adoption we will KNOW what we're getting (most likely two boys :)

And I was serious, I will sew her a dress ;)

SusieQ said...

Hahaha!!! I know you are going to be surprised, but as I was growing up I climbed trees, played in the woods, had my own train set, had my own toy soldiers and guns to play cowboys and Indians, played football/baseball with the boys.... All girls do not play with girl things... Are you wearing your surprise face yet?? Just enjoy watching her grow from day to day, becoming who she really is!!