Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I have been MIA... because Bro has pneumonia.  What a miserable little baby.  He has been so sick... he has just been sitting in my lap and watching TV.  Today was the first day that I got a real smile out of him.

So far, this calendar year, I have watched more Tinker Bell: Search for the Lost Treasure (his sister's influence), Thomas (holiday version), and Barney than the law should allow.  By some miracle, I have not had to watch Cars even once.  So, there is some silver lining here.   

Sunday, we went to my large extended-family Christmas party.  I was armed with camera in hand for his grand debut as a... Drummer Boy.  Uh... he started vomiting soon after we got to the party... and after we changed him out of his cute outfit into cleaner more comfortable clothes, he started running a fever.  No Drummer Boy for us this year.  We had a bit of time to visit with my family before we made the decision to start the 1.5 hour trek back home.  They were singing "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem" as we were leaving the church hall... sigh... 

We arrived home to more vomiting and Sunday evening was a mess.  I hoped that Monday would be better, but it was not.  Monday night was even worse and I eventually just rested next to his crib and patted his back all night long.  Um... I am almost NOT exaggerating when I say, "All night long."

Disclaimer:  Yes, I would have held him or put him in bed with us... but holding him or putting him in our bed is the LEAST likely way to get him to go to sleep.  He has never been one to fall asleep this way... and my best bet for getting him some rest was to let him stay in his own crib.  :-(

After listening to him toss and turn for h-o-u-r-s... it became apparent to me that his inability to sleep was because he was having a hard time breathing (like he was all stuffed up and stuff). 

Tuesday morning, we went to the doctor.  Surprisingly, the doctor told me that he has pneumonia.  GASP!!!  Luckily we caught it early(ish).  So, she gave us a prescription for antibiotics and sent us on our way.  Unfortunately, the antibiotics also give him diarrhea... whatever.  At least he was able to take a 3-hour nap on Tuesday and slept ALL NIGHT LONG Tuesday night.

Today, I am finally seeing some smiles again!

I'll be back to post some more soon... and comment on your blogs.  I hope that you are all having a healthy new year!



Mrs. Bird said...

I'm so sorry to hear that :( I hope he feels better very soon!

Ariane said...

Oh, that's just awful. There was quite a lot of pneumonia going around in Australia last winter too.

I hope Bro gets better really fast, and that you get some rest too!

mimbles said...

Oh no! Poor kid and poor you :-(

Sending get well vibes your way.

Jen said...

aww poor little man. Feel better Bro!

SusieQ said...

I am so sorry the little guy has been that sick.. It is really tough when they feel so bad and there isn't really much you can do. If you are going to do much sleeping (being) on the floor next to his bed, maybe it would be wise to invest in an air mattress for you... It couldn't be comfortable for you in your (round) condition..