Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mango Chicken

Let me set the stage...

In case you missed it, Lulu is my biological daughter and Dear Husband's step-daughter.  At this time in her life, she spends one week with her dad and one week with me.  In short, we are all one big happy family.  Her dad (sometimes affectionately referred to as 'Daddy Warbucks' on this blog) and I (and Dear Husband, et al) get along fabulously... as 'fabulously' as we can.  Let's just say... and this is the honest truth... I have had parents who are getting divorced contact me to ask me how we make our relationship work so well... for the kids.  However, there are some little quirks about Lulu's dad.  Most relevant to this upcoming story... he was babied by lived with his mother until he was in his thirties.  When he finally moved out... he insisted that he did not need any kitchen supplies for his new kitchen because he did not intend on cooking or doing dishes.  I mean, he had plastic utensils and paper plates... and NOTHING ELSE.  Did you hear me?  NOTHING!!!!!  This is very typical for her dad.

Imagine my surprise when Lulu was at our house last night and we all sat down to dinner (after 11 years of napmom making breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the family) and she announced, "Ummmm... my daddy is the BEST COOK." 

Dear Husband and I exchanged silent glances and tried our best not to spit our food out across the table with laughter.  I mean, REALLY??????

"Oh, yeah?  What did he cook?"  {{waiting with bated breath to hear about his latest concoction for... what???  chicken nuggets?????}}

"Mango chicken!  It was delicious!  And, then he made the fresh strawberries with honey and sugar.  Oh man, it was great!"

"Sounds awesome honey!"  {{gulp}} "We'll have to get that recipe from Daddy!"

What I was really thinking?  Uh, after 11 years of making 3 square meals a day... birthday cakes... Thanksgiving dinners... and more... I got TRUMPED by ONE MANGO CHICKEN dinner.  How did that happen?  Lulu - Just sit down and enjoy your dinner of sloppy joes, steamed broccoli from a bag, and apple sauce.  mkay?


Mrs. Bird said...

LOL, you crack me up! I'm glad you all get along so well. I'm sure that makes things easier for everyone :) Did you get the recipe???

Nap Mom said...

Hah! Yes, I e-mail him for the recipe. The secret to his success??? He bought some Mango marinade in the grocery store and marinated the chicken before he cooked it on a griddle. He made me promise NOT to tell Emily.

Love it!

SusieQ said...

Oh, what a great laugh!!!! You are soooo funny!