Thursday, April 23, 2009

Can't Help Myself

Dear husband's birthday is coming soooooon and Father's Day is almost here.

Augh! I can hardly control my buying urge.

Took a little stroll through downtown Annapolis the other day. Annapolis = very, very expensive but very ,very cute kid clothes.

I spotted this great store (sorry store owner, don't remember the name of your store). What caught my eye was the toddler mannequin in window wearing this ultra cool Johnny Cash shirt. I charged into the store. I found the shirt. It was priced at $58. Gasp! Um, Bro would have to wear that shirt every day for the entire summer before I would pay $58 for it. I mean, like, it would have to be his only shirt. Then, as I was browsing, things got worse... there was a Pink Floyd shirt... for $58. Ok, like, if any of these shirts had been $30 or less, I would have walked away with one of them... maybe even both of them (thus, draining my saving-for-a-new-camera fund). Oh the torture.

If you want to view baby and toddler rock t-shirts from the brands I saw on Main Street, then check the Kaos clothes at this web site and Lola and James products with this online retailer. It seems that the shirts are, in fact, made from authentic and genuine vintage rock t-shirts from back in the day. Thus, the hefty price tag.

I did find another not-so-pricey Pink Floyd gem at Babywit. It is also nice because it is not black. Bro just isn't going to wear black in the mid-summer Maryland heat and humidity. Not going to happen.

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