Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Creative Crystal Clusters

Way back last week, when I was sick with strep throat but didn't know it yet, I helped Lulu put together her science fair project.
Thanks to the wonders of a Fairy Grandmother, Lulu had a scale to weigh the results of her crystal growths and Daddy helped Lulu weigh her crystals.

Then, napmom helped her put together the display.

How easy was THAT? Let me just tell you... it was NOT this easy when I was in grade school. Lulu just typed in the text for each section, printed, cut, and pasted. The wonderful chart on the top right corner - the hard work of about 3 minutes and a couple clicks of a button. Do you know how many minutes went into the final display for this product and how many DAYS I spent on projects when I was younger... gently marking the lines for my writing and then spacing out all of the letters just perfectly.

Not fair!!!!!


Grand Matriarch said...

And do you have any idea how much time I put in helping you with those miserable science projects??? I am sooo glad they hadn't thought of that when I was young...

Nap Mom said...

Yes - I had thought of that too. It is much easier to be the monitor of these projects - in modern time. I do pity the poor souls who had to help me - back in the day.