Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Rockin' Hubby

1. Where did you meet?

In high school. He was very pesky. We shared mutual friends and worked at the same video store. He picked on me, relentlessly, all of the time - it was awful. Then, we were reconnected after college when he called my mom (a real estate agent) to help him buy a house.

2. How long did you date b/f you were married?

16 months.

3. What does he do that surprises you?

Most recently? He offered to help me with a craft project that I need to complete by this weekend. I mean, a really girly and frilly craft project. And, he offered to do this on his birthday. And he doesn't even care that it will be his birthday and he will be sitting on the floor with a glue gun and pony beads in his hands.

4. What is your favorite quality of his?

He never quits. He is one who will "go down with the ship." It amazes me.

5. What is your favorite feature of his?

Like physical feature? His hotty arms - oh yeah!

6. Does he have a nickname for you?

No - not really. He did call me Winnie-the-Pooh recently. What was that supposed to mean? Hah!

7. What is his favorite food?

Beer - does that count as a food? Seafood - definitely seafood. Anything that I bake. His mom's potato salad.

8. What is his favorite sport?

Hockey. Go Caps!

9. When and where was your first kiss?

Several months after we started dating - in his first house. Why the wait? I don't know, it was kinda hard for me to make the move from seeing him as the pesky kid from high school to an actual sweetheart... despite the fact that we hung out all the time, talked all of the time, e-mailed all of the time, and really liked each other.

10. What do you like to do together?

Before Bro (and when Lulu was at her dad's house) we used to go out to dinner and watch movies and just generally hang out, pal around, go on errands, anything that we could do together. Also, every year we looked forward to the first few good spring days where we could leave work early and go hang out at the local crab shack... table by the water, drinking Coronas and eating mussels. Very good times!

11. Do you have any children?

Lulu is my daughter and his step-daughter. Bro is ours together.

12. Does he have a hidden talent?

Patience. And the uncanny ability (as it seems to me) to "hold his fire." When I am mad I am steaming mad and I have to let it out. He just holds it in. It kills me.

Actually, when he's pissed off, he starts cleaning. The reaction is almost robotic. As soon as I get mad, he starts cleaning the whole house. It is almost comical.

13. Who said "I love you" first?

He did.

14. What is his favorite type of music?

Classic rock (I think that's what it's called). Pink Floyd. Allman Brothers. Tom Petty.

15. What do you admire most about him?

The way that he has loved me unconditionally. The way that he took on Lulu and me and loved us like it had always been just us. He is a very caring and loving person. I am so grateful to call him MY husband.

16. Do you think he will read this?

Probably not. He doesn't really have time to read the blog.

He needs another blog name besides 'dear husband.' Something to do with nature perhaps?


Mim said...

Lovely post :) He sounds like an awesome partner and dad.

Katelyn said...

Great post! Glad you finally did it ;) He sounds like a great husband and father. Good job picking him!

Grand Matriarch said...

You didn't mention that he was at your 16th birthday party.. with another girl! Hehe!!!

Nap Mom said...

Hah! Yes - he was at my 16th birthday. Yes - he was smootching with another girl. Yes - I do have the video to prove it! Fabulous! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Mommy 24/7 said... I on that video???

Suggestions for DH:
John Deere
Father Nature
Caps Fan

Nap Mom said...

24/7 - hahahahahaha - yep, you are on the video too!