Monday, April 20, 2009

Not me.

A little bird blogged her "not me" confessions and asked others to play along. Here is a small list of my little indiscretions (or not) from last week.

NOT ME confessions, April 13-20.

It was not me who revealed the Easter bunny's true identity to Lulu.

It was not me who allowed my children to eat donuts for breakfast on Easter morning.

It was not me who finished off the bag of cheetos (and ate a cupcake) from Monday night's "end of the 2009 legislative session" festivities when I got to work Tuesday morning.

It was not me who kept sipping from my empty drink cup as if the melting ice magically produced a thirst-quenching amount of liquid (thus, probably totally irritating my coworkers).

It was not me who ordered a copy of Twilight for my 5th grade daughter to read.

It was not me who used DH's deodorant (for a week now) because I ran out and haven't had time to go get more.

It was not me who ate a breakfast croissant sandwich, a large cinnamon bun, and a donut or three for my birthday breakfast.

It was not me who celebrated my birthday for a whole week.

It is not me who is planning retaliation against my husband because he used the last ice cube in the ice tray.

It was not me who started doing house chores right before DH got back from walking the dog so he wouldn't know that I had been reading my book instead.

It was not me who forgot to bring the reusable grocery bags to the grocery store when I went shopping.

It certainly was NOT ME who walked to work under the protection of a Sponge Bob umbrella this morning. Nope. Wasn't me.

What is YOUR "not me" confession?


Katelyn said...

Yay! Thanks for playing! So fun. I din't put that it is not me that hasn't cooked for over a week....and I wonder why I'm not losing weight.

Grand Matriarch said...

This is sooo funny!