Thursday, April 9, 2009

Earth Promise


Have you made your Earth Promise today? Earth Promise is a “website that provides an easy way for people to make, track, and keep promises about changes that will benefit the environment.”

It’s so easy and fun. All you do is make and post one little promise. You can also read what others have promised and check off the ones that you have already done! Oh, you’ll get so many good ideas and feel so accomplished with all that you can check off.

Here are some actual Earth Promises from the site:

To use mascara made from plants and minerals instead of petroleum.

To use a reusable coffee filter.

To clean all paint brushes in the sink as opposed to outside as it may contaminate groundwater.

To use reusable containers for food storage instead of aluminum foil, baggies, or plastic wrap.

To use the luggage tag on my suitcase as opposed to filling out the paper type at the airport.

Do you have any Earth promises of your own?

Lulu (seen here with her official Gardener for the Bay gloves) took the Chesapeake Bay Gardener’s for the Bay Pledge.

I promised to promote Earth-friendly tips from Earth hour until Earth Day (and have learned a lot in the process).

What is one Earth Promise that you can tackle?

Special blog to note: If you read my blog comments then you may have noticed that How To Make a Difference commented on one of my EH2ED posts. I have added her blog to my blog feeder and I read her updates every day. The real cool part is that she is my place for one-stop-updates about bloggers and tweeters who are taking the EH2ED challenge. She posts a daily "blog carnival" highlighting bloggers who post ED2EH challenge updates and she adds twitter updates too. If you look closely, you might see that she mentions No Regrets (that's me) in some of her daily posts and I'm definitely on her EH2ED challenge blog roll. So, please visit How to Make A Difference and give her some good ol' fashioned blog love!

It's not to late to take the EH2ED challenge yourself and leave her a comment on her blog roll so that she links to your blog too!

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Grand Matriarch said...

I can go one better on the mascara.. I don't use any.. I had my eyebrows tattooed on! Wish I had done that a lot of years ago.. We tried the coffee filter, but the coffee drinker didn't like it.. We don't paint.. no brushes! I do use reusable containers, but a few bags also.. And I have my "Lutheran Brotherhood" tags on my luggage.. which are historical now, as they have turned into Thrivent...