Monday, April 27, 2009

No words.

There are no words for how busy I am going to be for the next week.

For starters...

We (meaning the whole entire family) are just getting over strep throat.

The Girl Scout camp event (at which I volunteered to attend) is THIS weekend NOT two weekends from now (how the H-E-double-hockey-sticks did I miss this), which means that...

1. I owe Lulu's dad a huge apology because she was supposed to spend this weekend with him. AND, he has already scheduled a job for the weekend that I thought was the camp weekend. Seriously, I owe him big time for this.

2. I owe my dear and wonderful husband a huge apology because now he is in charge of Bro all weekend, which is not what he had planned. It's not really a big deal, but I'm kinda looking at him and saying, "I know you might have had other plans this weekend, but can you just drop everything and watch the baby for me?" Plus, it is his birthday weekend! I feel like such a schmuck! If any of you had lived the past 3 months with this man and seen all that he has done for me so selflessly - you would feel my pain.

3. I have to pack my stuff for camp. I have to pack Lulu's stuff for camp.

4. I need to get materials together so that Lulu can put together her SWAPS (small little trinkets that the kids make and trade) before camp.

5. I still need to plan a birthday dinner for my wonderful husband... schucks and it'd better be good NOW. I might be digging into the save-for-the-new-camera fund to get a crab bomb. Something! I know, maybe I'll just pull a rabbit outta my hat. ;-)

6. The house is a wreck because we've all been sick. Hubby hates a wrecked house.

7. I know that it doesn't sound like much, but this is a logistical nightmare for me.

When I get back to life as I once knew it... I will have cute pics from Earth Day, cute pics from camp (geez), and a little update on how my Earth-friendly ways have influenced my neighbors! Plus, I made and ordered (what I hope to be) the cutest Mother's Day card ever and I have a great Father's Day idea too.

Wish me luck!

Mother's Day spoiler alert!

Mom - don't read this part.

Seriously - and Grandma can't read it either.

There is nothing here for you.

Go back to Millsberry now!

"Fairy Grandmother and Grand Matriarch, this is your conscience speaking, please step away from the computer!"

So, I made a Mother's Day card at It's inexpensive to make the card but rather expensive to ship it -- but moms are totally worth it. If I really like the card, then I'm gonna make others for the other "mothers" in my life too. Paying that much $$$ for shipping won't be quite so painful if I get a group of cards, not just one. Nonetheless, I'll give you a full review when I get my card in the mail - hopefully this week. Either way, run on over to It's very cool and very addicting fun just to see what you come up with - without the commitment of ordering!


Grand Matriarch said...

I was good and didn't look... went back to Tune Town... but I had to come back and see later!

Nap Mom said...

You are so good!