Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009: (Part 3) A Photo Shoot

Here's the second-by-second rundown of the entire photo shoot.

Mom: Oh now, Daddy watered the lawn. Where are we going to take the pictures. Here -- let's take them in J and A's yard.

Lulu: Mom, no seriuosly.

Mom: Come on. They won't mind. Stand next to this tree.

Mom: Here let me get a picture of your Easter basket.

Lulu: Seriously Mom Ma-awm?

Mom: Hold your basket out a little bit farther so it doesn't squish your dress. Try to look natural.

Mom: Oh, oh. Sit down back here on J and A's bricks. Ah. Perfect.

Mom: Lu - look down at your basket like you're thinking.

Mom: Let's take a picture of our new matching shoes next to the Easter basket.

Lulu: Are you serious?

Mom: Yes!

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Manic Mommy said...

LOL. What a trooper! She looks adorable in her Easter duds and new shoes.