Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Monday; It's Raining; It's... Complicated

Ugh... let me just tell you how my day started.

Bro was up several times during the night (probably teething) and so I was very sleepy this morning. I decided to get a little more sleep before heading into work (since session is o-v-e-r).

Weather report: It is raining cats and dogs today.

Unfortunately for me, I left my umbrella at work. Thus, I had no option but to use Lulu's umbrella today. Ahem. Lulu's umbrella is a bright yellow Sponge Bob umbrella with the circumference of a large plate (much like the one seen here).

Flickr Photo by G-Dog68

So, I was already humiliated at the thought of walking into work with the Sponge Bob umbrella, but I had no other choice.

As I was leaving my town, I was completely stopped at the light (the one between the church and the convalescent center - for those of you who know the area) and waiting to turn left. Stopped. Stopped. Listening to an old Bon Jovi song and then BOOM. I was freakin' rear-ended.

First thought = umm... some adult words.

Second thought = should I call DH. Not much he can do. I don't want him to bring Bro out in this rain.

Third thought = Oh my Gosh - I'm gonna have to stand out in front of my whole community and exchange information with this person, while HOLDING A SPONGE BOB UMBRELLA!!!!!

This is my punishment for sleeping in.

Fine. The driver came around to my window and apologized. He was a somewhat older man and explained that he was on his way to see his sister who was just put in intensive care. He went to his car to get his information and came back... in the rain. I asked him to jump in my car so that we could exchange information and we did. After we exchanged information, I snuck out to view the damage. Nothing... well, nothing that I could tell in the middle of the highway when it's pouring down rain.

Drove to work.

How was the start to your Monday?

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Katelyn said...

Oh no! I hope you're ok! You should take some ibuprofen or something because it sometimes takes hours to feel the effects of whiplash....I hope you have a better rest of your day!