Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Science Fair is Almost Here

Here are the crystals that Lulu grew for her science fair project. Lulu drained the liquid from the jars so that she could get a better picture of the crystal growth.

Crystals growing on yarn.

Crystals growing on fishing line. The fishing line scrunched up on this first jar so she was not able to dump the liquid out.

Crystals growing on rope.

The project is due Wednesday night (or she is permitted to push it off til Thursday morning, but I'd prefer not to do that).

Here is her project to-do list:

  1. Experiment (Complete)
  2. Locate a scale that will weigh small amounts (Complete - thanks Fairy Grandmother)
  3. Display (Most of the sections are ready to print)
  4. Catchy Title (Still Need to Do)
  5. Print Out Picture for Display (Still Need to Do)
  6. Weigh the Crystals (without disturbing them because she needs to have them if she gets chosen to go to the County Fair) (Still Need To Do)
  7. Create Data Chart (Still Need To Do)
  8. Come Up with 2 Research Resources (Still Need to Do)


Green Tip of the Day (for Crafters - and eaters too)

True confession. My household has become moderately green (eco-friendly) over the course of the past year. Seriously folks, we didn't even recycle our trash last year. Please, don't hate. Our newest waste is... (drum roll please)... napkins and paper towels.

Why so much paper towel waste?

Bro (like most babies) makes a sizeable mess when he etas. Then, we need to wash off his hands, his face, his tray, his cup, and his seat. We probably use 12 paper towels just in cleaning up Bro from a day's worth of food. This drives the eco-friendly part of napmom crazy.

My personal challenge is: to bring down some wash cloths and use one a day to wipe/clean Bro and his tray. Rinsing out after each use. Tossing in the dirty clothes at the end of each day.

Ok - now for the crafter part of this post. Skip To My Lou made her own reusable napkins. They are very easy (for those of us with no sewing skills). Plus, you can coordinate with fabrics to match your kitchen or to match the season.

1 comment:

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

Another idea is to buy a yard of fleece and cut it into small squares. When my niece was little, being rubbed constantly with washcloths gave her rashes. Eventually they figured out that it was because the cloth was just a little too rough on her skin when it was used throughout the day. The fleece eased that problem, and bonus, they never ran out of washcloths because they had plenty of fleece.

Just something to keep in mind if the washcloth idea doesn't pan out.