Friday, April 17, 2009


So, session is over. Life, as I once knew it to be, is fine and dandy once again. "oh - hello normalcy - I didn't recognize you - where in the heck have you been?"

I had planned to take a field trip, per say, (during my break - because I actually get to step away from my desk for a break during the interim) over to the House of Delegates Office Building today. Why? To take pictures of the art work that has been hanging on the wall for three whole months now. Walls and walls lined with awesome artwork made from (drum roll please) recycled products. Ah yes - lets all do the trash-to-treasure dance!! jiggle, jiggle

Guess what I saw when I reached the top of the stairs...

and looked down the hall?


Geez! They wasted no time taking down the art work. Really - it was dynamite... you would have loved it.

On the way back I spotted this cute Oriole (he's fake. cute, but fake). That counts for something, right?


(Grocery) Green Tip of the Day

So, since I can't blog about turning trash into treasure (see above - sigh) then I will ask you to go to your local farmer's market this weekend. My local farmer's market is open on Saturday mornings. It opened two weekend ago. I haven't been yet because... well, we all know where I hang out on Saturday mornings. I am going to make a conscious effort to go tomorrow. I've never been to a farmer's market before and I am excited to see what the buzz is about, find some fresh produce, and reduce my carbon footprint on the Earth. Do I need to bring cash or do they have credit card machines? When is the best time of year to find fresh produce at the farmer's market? AH, wish me luck.

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Cool People Care said...

Thanks for taking the challenge! Your book will be in the mail this week!