Wednesday, November 5, 2008

blogger election result posts

As I was falling asleep last night, I wondered what the world would be like when I woke up today. I was also curious about the bloggers' perspectives on the election results, whichever they may be. Until now, the bloggers, whose posts I read, have been relatively silent about their political choice for President. I was very surprised to wake up this morning and find these posts waiting in my reader inbox.

Some responses were long, some poetic, and some were wordless, nonetheless, I got a kick out of sifting through them all. Truly, they were silent... and then there was this:

Vintage Thirty
matt, liz and madeline
Pink of Perfection
ms. mindless or here for her fashion review for the evening
coco & kelley
bad mom could hardly hold in the excitement
I thought that Nautical by Nature was going to be nonpartisan, until I scrolled down a bit farther.
Whiskey in My Sippy Cup's wordless Wednesday post
Derfward Manor was wordless as well

Thankful for the freedom to vote

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