Thursday, November 13, 2008

E-bay and a Sick Baby

Two other things happened/are happening in my life.

First, Lulu bid on her first e-bay item. You see, she loves the 'vintage' Polly Pocket dolls. Thanks to one very special aunt (who snagged a bunch of sets when Lulu was young) she has several sets now. Unfortunately, you can't find the sets in the stores anymore. Lulu has been asking for more sets for years. She has her sets situated in her room, like a village. And, she plays with the every single day -- without fail. We bid on and won this house complete with furniture...

as well as these people to go with it.

It was quite fun to have her sit on my lap as we bid for the item. There were only 9 minutes left to bid on the item when we found it. You could feel the tension in the air. "Oh mommy, oh mommy," she was saying as she was shaking, "I want that sooooooo bad." "Ok, but we can't bid until the last minute," was my calming reply. Once we got down to like 45 seconds then we bid on the item and won. She was so excited! What am I teaching my child?

I told her that it is a Christmas present and that she can't play with the set until Christmas. She told me that I'd better hide the set very well because if she finds it then she is going to play with it. Unlike the Guitar Hero, we are actually going to keep this item hidden until Christmas.

Second, Bro is very sick and officially has his first fever. He got his flu shot at his last doctor's visit, took a nap, woke up sick, and has been sick ever since. It's a light fever, but it is a fever nonetheless. Here he is enjoying his new table (pre-fever).

Here is a video of Bro checking out his table for the first time.

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