Saturday, November 1, 2008

iPod and a Big Bird relative

Happy day after Halloween! Hope you are all recovering from your sugar highs! (Cute cookies provided by a friend's mom.)

The day started out with a visit to Lulu’s school for her class party. Her iPod was the hit of the party. She could not wear her costume while they ate lunch, like the rest of her classmates did. However, she did get to sit it up on the ledge and play her music for all to enjoy!

Have you ever seen such a cute iPod?

Later we were joined by Jim Cramer, I mean Daddy Warbucks.

Seriously - do the two look exactly alike or what? (See actual Jim Cramer pic below.)

And then Grandmommy stopped by. Look at the expression on her face when she saw Daddy Warbucks’ new look.

I absolutely had to get a picture of this character eating… pizza. I just thought that it was so funny.

Bro got a chance to play in the Fall leaves.

We had a visit by Big Bird and he left this gift at the front door. Don't ask me why I tortured my son this way. I couldn't resist.

I do wish that I had a picture of him smiling, but would you smile if you were wearing this?

All in all, it was a fabulous day. I was most excited that Lulu’s costume was so popular. She was the only iPod in her school and in our neighborhood and all of the neighbors loved her costume. Best of all, it really played music. Worst of all, I had to listen to Ashely Tisdale’s “Head Strong” song 300 times yesterday.

We enjoyed a potluck dinner on the front driveway, with our neighbors, and topped of the night with the friends/neighbors just hanging out, drinking, and sharing stories around our fire pit. A few drinks, laughs, and fireworks later, everyone went to bed.

I can’t leave today without saying a few special thank yous. Thanks to Fairy Grandmother and Dear Husband for the hours/weeks of work that you spent making Lulu’s costume. She loved it and her special costume made her feel great!

Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Did you leave your candy out for the Halloween Fairy?

Coming soon! Don't throw away those homemade costumes. I'll share a great idea on what to do with them for next year.

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