Sunday, November 9, 2008

I lost

Remember that it is National Blog Post month? Remember that I was going to blog everyday this month? I didn't. I didn't because I didn't blog yesterday. I didn't blog yesterday because there was not time to blog. You see, we are in the height of Girl Scout cookie season (as you ALL know) and cheer season. Thus, I started my day of like this:

Yes, this was my exact view from my seat... the view of the Girl Scout cookies that were overlooking the grocery store parking lot. And, here is little Lulu making her "booth" just perfect.
Several hours later we were off to do this:
Then she begged me to get out and do this again:

Cookies from sun up to sun down with a little bit of cheer thrown in the middle.
As if to make matters worse, the National Blog Post website sent a 'survey' to my e-mail address. They want to know if I am still blogging or if I lost the battle already. What do I tell them? Oh the agony of defeat!

The good news is that we Lulu sold more than 400 boxes of cookies to date. That is a far cry from her goal of 1,000, but it is enough to get the Girl Scout tote prize that she has been hoping for.

Gotta run - Bro is calling for me!


Mim said...

Busy day! That's some serious cookie selling, good for Lulu, and you too! As much fun as NaBloPoMo is, family stuff comes first doesn't it :)

ms. mindless said...

i need to order some cookies. can you deliver them to mommy for me? i will send a check via mom. i am craving some thin mints and those peanut butter ones right now. how much per box?