Thursday, November 13, 2008

Quick update

Are you on facebook? Do you love the facebook status updates? Here is a glimpse of my last few hectic days – facebook style.

Napmom bought a table toy for Bro at the used bit store for $8.50 instead of the regular retail price of $39.97. And, it came WITH the batteries.

Napmom has Bro’s cold.

Napmom lost her ID on the way to work today and found it again.

Napmom can’t decide what to do about grad school: Communications or Library Sciences?

Napmom made two different versions of peach cobbler and both turned out more like peach soup than peach cobbler.

Napmom is frustrated that Dear Husband doesn’t share the computer in the evenings – the nerve of him. ;-)

Napmom is looking forward to dinner with Fairy Grandmother and Luvs2Boat.

Nap will be back soon!

1 comment:

Mim said...

My twitters feed to my facebook status updates, I was finding it too hard to think of 2 lots of inane things to say all the time ;-)