Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What to do with a leftover halloween costume?

You might not be able to tell, but it took the love and dedication of 2 (almost 3) people to complete this iPod costume. Now that the season is over, I cannot bear to throw it away, burn it, or store it for my grandkids. One of my neighbors told me that she had a homemade costume for her son that she sold on e-bay, the following halloween, for $71. What a great idea!

For me, I will be storing this box/iPod until next September when I will advertise it on e-bay to one lucky bidder. Lots of love went into making this costume special. I hope that its new owner loves it as much as we have.

For Sale: One iPod costume. The iPod is made from a cardboard box that has been hot-glued together. The color comes from strong paper that is pink/purple in color. The paper has been attached via hot glue or permanent, scotch, double-sided tape.

Costume front includes: Removable iPod screen that can be (carefully) personalized to your own tastes. Turn dial made of black paper.

Costume back: Is gray in color and includes a slightly contrasting gray apple logo and 'iPod' text.

Accessories: Earphones made of rope and styrofoam have been attached.

Costume interior: This iPod costume includes pockets ONLY on the inside where small speakers can be placed. When attached to an actual iPod, the speakers will play music, giving the appearance that this iPod can play music as well. This was the best part of the costume. Please note: the costume includes the pockets ONLY. You need to purchase speakers on your own.

The costume was custom built for a 5th grade girl, to her exact specifications. It has normal wear and tear, but not much at all. She was the hit of her school, her after-school center, and the whole neighborhood. I hope that you will enjoy this as much as we have!

I was reminded of childhood days playing Super Mario when I saw these matching Toads at Lulu's school. I hope that these costumes make their way to a new home next year as well!

For those of you who were wondering how to get all of those feathers on a baby chick costume...

now you know! It wasn't easy. Imagine feathers everywhere!

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