Friday, November 28, 2008


Hey - It's me - I'm still here.

So much for NaBloPoMo.

Anywho... carrying on... where did I leave off?

Oh, yes, Lulu and her scout troop went to see Pinkalicious at our local children's theater. The girls also got a backstage tour to complete their theater badge. Boy did we have a blast and Lulu and I kept staring at each other throughout the whole show because the main character (Pinkalicious) soooooooo reminded me of Lulu.

You see, Lulu loves the color pink and her teachers have been known to introduce her as 'pinky pie.' Yes, that's right! You see, Lulu came home from school one day and said that Mr G. introduced her to the Kindergarteners and instructed them to call her 'Pinky Pie' because she is always wearing pink. Not only that but if there is a day that she is NOT wearing pink, they are to ask her if anything is wrong because... Lulu always wears pink. Until I heard this, I had not realized that Lulu in fact has loads of pink clothes and probably wears pink every single day!

The girls were instructed to wear pink to Pinkalicious. I heard one of Lulu's friends gasp as Lulu approached in pink from head to toe: pink shoes, pink pants, pink shirt, and even a pink coat. Ahhhhhh! Maybe she has a mild case of pink-ititis!

Here they are, getting autographs after the show. If you ever have a chance to see Pinkalicious then I suggest that you go. It was a cute, fabulous show that was absolutely pink-tacular!

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