Sunday, November 2, 2008

National Blog Post Month

(thanks to Mim for the pic)

Unbeknownst to me, November is National Blog Post Month. The goal is for bloggers to host their own personal blog post marathons by posting at least one blog everyday. Looking back at my previous post history, I average about one post a day, although some days have more than one post. If you've been blogging, go over to official National Blog Post Month website and register your blog. Also, let me know if you are participating and I will be sure to check your blog this month and leave words of encouragement.

For now, I am off to make a meal for our neighbors who had their baby. This meal is WAY overdue, but DH was sick, and then Bro was sick, and then I was sick and so now the time has come. The meal is Paula Dean's chicken divan. It's delicious!

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Mim said...

Hi Nap Mom, happy NaBloPoMo blogging!