Friday, November 7, 2008

Dear driver,

To the driver who was stopped in the middle of the road last night,

Yes, I realized (just in the nick of time) that you had stopped and that you had stopped (in the middle of the road) so that another driver could pass in front of you so that he could get to the library. However, this was a bad move on your part for several reasons: (1) this is a very busy section of road with people coming from the daycare center (at the church), people bypassing the major road by taking this shortcut, people getting home after work, people coming in and out of the community on the other side of the library, and so on, (2) it was dark outside and there were lights flashing everywhere, (3) I had one million people behind me who had just come through a stop light and were ALSO NOT expecting YOU to be stopped in the middle of the road – no turn signal – nothing – just plain stopped in the middle of the road. Did I mention that it had been drizzling that day and the roads, albeit mostly dry, were still probably slick?

Thank you, thank you for NOT being an aggressive driver and for caring about the person who was trying to access the library. However, in the future, you needn’t worry about the library customer. That person can wait until there is a legitimate break in traffic or, better yet, go to the traffic light (located right next to the library) and wait for the light to signal a clear and very safe path for him to use to get to the library.


p.s. I nearly rear-ended you, which would have been my fault, technically, but you should not have been stopped in the middle of THAT particular road, at THAT particular time of day, under THOSE particular circumstances. Use common sense.

p.p.s. For those of you who were running on the side of the road (in the dark) last night, please put on some reflective gear (or run on the sidewalk - there's a concept). You may be able to see me in my green bean car but I can’t see you and you scare the bee-jeebus out of me when you run on the road like that!!

If you who are wondering what I wrote down on my ‘thank you leaf’ last night, it read, “napmom is thankful for car brakes.”

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